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Konami signs YS VI for consoles

The Arc of Napishtim escapes Japan.

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Despite Suikoden III's continued absence from any European release schedule, it seems Konami hasn't given up on us altogether. According to the publisher's latest press release, it has just signed a deal to develop and publish console versions of YS VI - The Arc of Napishtim, and plans to release the tweaked package worldwide in winter 2004.

Developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation, the latest YS game was originally released in Japan in September 2003, but the series itself is over 15 years old - the original YS title appeared as a PC game in 1987. YS VI is currently Japan's most popular PC RPG, and Konami believes that's down to the game's grand view of the world, exciting plot twists and distinct characters.

It's obviously not quite grand enough though, because under the terms of its agreement, Konami plans to expand and customise YS VI for consoles, enhancing in-game graphics, altering the control system to fit joypads and even adding new maps, enemies and missions for players to pick through as they guide series mainstay Adol Christian around a deserted island.

According to Konami, YS VI is due out on consoles - it hasn't discussed which ones - worldwide in winter 2004.

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