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40m PS2s sold in Europe

Compared to 39m PSones.

PlayStation 2 has sold more than 40 million units in Europe, Sony has announced - besting by over a million the amount of PSones the company managed to flog.

Sony's also keen to point out that at this point in the original PlayStation's lifespan it had only sold 33 million.

"We are extremely proud of the continuing success of PlayStation 2," said David Reeves, SCEE President and CEO.

"In the last month or so sales of PlayStation 2 throughout Europe and PAL territories has exceeded 100,000 units per week, which is extremely pleasing and proves the format is as popular now as it ever was."

According to shipment figures routinely published by Sony in Japan, the company had delivered 42.40 million units of PS2 hardware to European retail channels by the end of September.

That's compared to 23.99 million in Japan and 44.86 million in the US.

PlayStation 2 currently retails for EUR 129.99 or around GBP 94.99.