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Hirai stands by PS3 price

"Full steam ahead".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony America boss Kaz Hirai says it's "full steam ahead" with the US prices of 499 and 599 dollars for PlayStation 3.

"We are very comfortable with the pricing we have announced and have gotten tremendous support from retailers for that price point," he told Reuters.

Apparently he also said that the company has no plans to follow the Japanese example of dropping the lower-end PS3 price in order to generate more interest.

What's more, he's not only confident they can manufacture two million of the consoles this year and another four million by March, but he says Sony can "hopefully exceed those numbers".

PlayStation 3 is set to launch in Japan in two days' time, on 11th November, with a US launch following on 17th November. Sony has pledged 80,000 units for the Japanese launch and 400,000 for America.

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