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Cube outsells PS2 in the US

Ninty takes both gold and silver, but how long will it last?

Nintendo has shot to the top of the class in America, with the GameCube outselling the PS2 by 20 per cent to become the best selling home console in the USA last week following a price reduction in late September.

According to a statement from Nintendo of America, the Cube was the second biggest selling console in the country (after the Game Boy Advance, which consistently outsells all of the home consoles) for the week ended October 4th.

This achievement saw it outselling the PlayStation 2 by a 20 per cent margin, and racking up more than twice the sales of the Xbox - with a 145 per cent lead over Microsoft's console.

How long this situation will last is another question - we'd expect to see the console slip behind the PS2 in the rankings next week, at the very least. However, there's a strong possibility that unless Microsoft reacts to the recent price-cuts, it could be outsold by the Cube this Christmas in the USA, as Nintendo rolls out one of its strongest ever ranges of first and third party titles.

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