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Gamespy tech for PSP devs

So that's DS and PSP now.

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Developers creating games for Sony's PSP handheld will now be able to use IGN Entertainment's Gamespy technology to create sophisticated online multiplayer features.

Already implemented in hundreds of PC and PS2 titles, Gamespy tools will enable developers to enhance the online capabilities of the PSP within their games. Utilising Wi-Fi connectivity, players will be able to find and compete with gamers around the world, engage in multiplayer tournaments and attain rankings on global leader boards in a similar fashion to connected PC and games consoles.

The tools are consistent with those available on PC, PS2, Xbox Nintendo DS, Macintosh and Linux, meaning developers should already be familiar with them and therefore potentially reducing development time. The uniform tools and technology should also ease the porting of games from other platforms to the PSP.

As a result of the new partnership, Gamespy's Professional Service Organisation will now be able to provide assistance and support for developers in the design and implementation of online multiplayer features in PSP games.

Mark Stieglitz, Vice President and General Manager of IGN Entertainment's Publisher Services believes that online gaming is central to achieving a large customer base with successful games.

"New online elements in console and PC games like Battlefield 2 are increasing hours of game play and attracting more players," he commented. "Now we are able to help add functions such as persistence and team play to the online game titles for PSP."

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