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Age of Empires 3, FIFA Manager 06, Vietcong 2 demos

Something about buses... Er...

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Whether you enjoy sending men onto the field of battle, the field of sport, or the field of poo-sticks, this is clearly the weekend for you, with demos of Age of Empires 3, FIFA Manager 06 and a sample of multiplayer Vietcong 2 to download.

Age of Empires 3, developed by Ensemble Studios (fittingly enough given the make-up of this particular news item), arrives in demo form bearing two missions from the single-player campaign and access to the skirmish mode. It's 350MB.

FIFA Manager 06, the newly rebranded latest instalment in the Total Club Manager series... presumably offers some manner of football management. You know. (To be honest, we didn't look it up.) Download's 632MB in size.

Finally, the Vietcong 2 demo gives you an idea of what to expect from the multiplayer side of 2K Games' (that's Take-Two) jugular-juicing jungle FPS, with two maps to, as our file manager succinctly puts it, slug it out on. Do they have slugs in the jungle? They should.

In other news, it's Friday morning, it's sunny, and there's more interesting stuff to write about further down the news list. Onward!

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