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Ex-Blizzard staffers form studio

Snowy three become Red5.

Founded by three key development staff with a combined 30 years experience in the creation of Massively Multiplayer Games (MMO), newly formed Red5 Studios is currently working on a brand new MMO.

Mark Kern, William Petras, and Taewon Yun all previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment in key development roles on the company's hugely successful World of Warcraft title.

Kern held the position of team lead on WoW, William Petras art director, and Taewon Yun helped found Blizzard Korea, assisting in the launch and operations of WoW in Asia.

Based in Aliso Veijo, California, the fledgling studio is intent on using the skills and experience gained from their time at Blizzard to create an innovative title that provides something new to the MMO genre.

A statement on the company website says simply: "We're working on something a little different from most MMOs out there, and we are excited about where our passion for games will lead us." No further details on the company's first independent project have been released so far.

The launch of Red5 Studios is the latest in a string of new development teams set up by former Blizzard staff, including Flagship Studios and, more recently, Castaway Entertainment.