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SI reveals Football Manager country list

With a complete breakdown of the number of levels and divisions per country, and a breakdown of the numbers of first-teams, reserves, youth teams and international squads you'll be able to command. It's lots.

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Sports Interactive has revealed which countries will be featured in Football Manager 2005, and how many levels and divisions will be included per country, along with a host of other FM2005-related statistics.

The total of playable countries will come in at 51, with 158 playable first-team divisions, and a total of 2,351 playable first teams. On top of that you've got 70 reserve-team divisions and 1,000 playable reserve teams, 117 youth team divisions and 1,651 youth teams. All of which adds up to 345 playable league divisions and some 5,002 playable league teams.

Then of course there are the playable international teams (94 of which will be on offer), three levels of international team (first team, Under-21 and Under-19) and even the 16 Olympic Under-23 teams. Which is quite a lot. 298 playable international teams, in fact, which all in all means 5,300 playable teams in the game in total.

Which is some number. For a specific breakdown of how divisions and levels per country, check out this forum post from SI's Marc Duffy. Football Manager 2005 is due out later this year.

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