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New Sony Ericsson phones are all Mophun

Synergenix software solution brings gaming to the autumn collection.

The Mophun gaming engine, a technology which allows downloadable games with high quality graphics to be played on a wide variety of mobile phone handsets, is set to be installed on all of Sony Ericsson's forthcoming phones.

The engine is already present on the T300, T310 and T600 phones, and will now be integrated into four new phones from the company which are set to appear this Autumn, making Mophun into one of the most widely supported game platforms on mobile devices.

The four new phones sporting Mophun support are the T226, the T228, the T230 and the high end Z600. The integration of the technology means that each of the phones will have access to a portfolio of about 60 Mophun games at launch.

According to Synergenix, the company behind the Mophun technology, over 10 million mobile phones currently support Mophun, including the various Symbian based phones on the market.

"We are pleased that Sony Ericsson again has showed loyalty towards the mophun gaming solution," commented Synergenix CEO Per Osterberg. "Today we have operators where more then 20% of the Sony Ericsson mophun-enabled phone owners are downloading games every month. Since mophun is so successful with operators, this is our main contribution for other phone manufacturer and the best guarantee for keeping Sony Ericsson using mophun."