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Fake your own Revolution

With this handy Flash-based tool.

Bored of Revolution fakes? Bored of sitting in an office all day waiting to hit the pub? Bored of summer? Bored of unanswered questions? Now you can kill a great many question-mark-shaped birds with a gigantic Flash-based stone by checking out the Nintendo Controller Fake Editor.

As well as a collection of links to existing fakes, the editor lets you draw your own outline and then stick on as many buttons, screens and other Nintendo bits and pieces as you like. You want fourteen analogue sticks, two screens and some bongos? Now you can have them.

And if you want to take screen-captures and distribute them in an attempt to subvert the flow of summer gaming news, there is of course nothing to stop you. Although we couldn't possibly condone that - nor the action of trying to convince a certain Floridian lawyer that the Revolution controller will be shaped like a giant willy with a bongo-shaped Prince Albert. Natch.