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Pokémon invade English towns

Stalking the land in enormous domes of 'fun'.

Nintendo is making something of an unusual move by teaming up with Vimto to take Pokémon on the road with the - ahem - "Pokémon Live 2003 unleashed by Vimto" roadshow. Ye-ees. The show will be housed in a huge dome with various themed zones under the Pokémon umbrella, and is expected to attract thousands of fans eager to get a go on the new Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire titles, released on Game Boy Advance on 25th July.

Should you fancy popping along to verbally and possibly physically assault grown men in Pokémon suits as they try to force cans of Vimto onto your person, you'll be able to find out when the show's rolling by your town from the official website.