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N-Gage digital distribution live

For multiple devices.

Nokia has announced the launch of a new online retail distribution channel for N-Gage games and content, enabling consumers to access a broad catalogue of titles which can be securely purchased, saved to a memory card and installed on various compatible devices.

The new service offers a selection of popular titles for the N-Gage gaming platform, with prices ranging from EURO 19.99-29.99. Games are downloaded directly to the user's PC, and can then be transferred to a memory card and easily installed on either the N-Gage game deck or a compatible Nokia S60 or N series mobile device.

Jukka Hosio, Nokia's director of multimedia global sales, commented: "As we move forward with our next generation of mobile gaming, we continue to offer N-Gage owners easy ways to get games. By making these games available for download over the internet, we’re making it easier for N-Gage owners to find and purchase new games."

The N-Gage platform - specifically the game deck which originally launched in 2002 - has a rather chequered history, failing to inspire consumers and spectacularly missing sales targets set by Nokia, shifting just a third of the six million units projected for the three year period from launch.

Nokia says it will continue to invest heavily in the platform, pushing the focus away from a single device and ensuring that N-Gage software titles - many of which have received a positive critical reception and secured various industry awards and accolades - can be enjoyed on a range of multimedia devices and advanced mobile phone handsets.