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Gizmondo sued by Handheld

Not their own.

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US developer Handheld Games has filed a lawsuit against Gizmondo Europe and its parent company, Tiger Telematics, alleging that the creators of the recently launched Gizmondo console breached a development contract with the firm.

Handheld Games claims that it had a contract with Gizmondo Europe to develop a racing title called Chicane: Jenson Button Racing, based on the Jenson Button license which was acquired by Gizmondo with much fanfare some months ago.

However, according to Handheld, Gizmondo subsequently failed to provide development kits and license information required to create the game, and the firm claims that it has now started work on the game with another developer.

Handheld filed suit against Tiger and Gizmondo in Seattle in the middle of last month, and is seeking damages of $75,000 plus for breach of contract.

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