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Rise of Power announced

Become an Emperor. With guns.

Currently causing ripples across the gargantuan gaming ocean, PlanetSide has won over many players who were left out in the cold when their beloved Tribes 2 went a bit rubbish. Now Ampled Labs LLC, a small team of independent developers with previous experience in mod development, is hoping to steal some of PlanetSide's limelight with its announcement of online role-playing shooter, Rise of Power.

The team will be taking beta submissions via the official website, at $20 a pop, including a copy of the game. Interestingly, once the game goes live, the servers will apparently be free to play on.

The basic premise of the game is to become Emperor of the persistent game world. Each player that rises to the rank of General will command his army against another General and his army in a play off to become Emperor. A lot like Tom has risen through the Eurogamer ranks to become my own specific Emperor. One day his throne will be mine.