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Sony scales down PS3 specs

Limited options for 20GB version.

Those who purchase the 20GB version of the PlayStation 3 will find themselves with less options than those who buy the 60GB model when it comes to data storage and Wi-Fi functionality.

According to Sony's latest spec sheet, the 20GB PS3 will not feature inputs for memory sticks, SD or compact flash cards. Nor will it offer any Wi-Fi options or any HDMI output.

The 60GB PS3 will come with a single HDMI port - and not two, as the prototype shown at last year's E3 suggested. The prototype also featured three Ethernet ports and six USB ports, but the console unveiled yesterday has just one Ethernet and four USB ports.

At least those picking up a 20GB machine will save a bit of cash - it'll go on sale for 100 Euros less than the 60GB version, at 499 Euros, when the console launches in the US and Europe on November 17th.