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Sony unveils EyeToy, PS3 style

Say hello to 'a totally new genre.'

Sony has unveiled The Eye of Judgment, a PlayStation 3 game that will make use of an EyeToy-style camera to create, it says here, "a totally new genre in gaming."

Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison demonstrated the game, which revolves around turn-based card battling, to a packed audience at Sony's pre-E3 press conference.

He showed how players physically place trading cards, each encrypted with a "cybercode" (is it 1992?), on a game board, with their hands visible on screen. Animated monsters then emerge from the cards, and have a fight - each has its own unique skillset which determines the outcome of the battle. Then he put another card down and a duck appeared and everyone laughed.

The winning player is the first person to take control of the 3 by 3 square gameboard, and is rewarded with more than 30 new cards. There'll be an online mode, too. A release date for The Eye of Judgment has yet to be announced.