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Top Spin balls PS2

In time for Wimbledon.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

More than two years after it first appeared as an Xbox exclusive, ace tennis game [very droll -Ed] Top Spin is getting an outing on PS2.

Great news for any tennis pros bored of Virtua Tennis and the Smash Court series, then, especially if you've got a network adaptor - Top Spin will be the PS2's first online tennis game.

We're promised some "fantastic additions" to the game, and publisher 2K Games has confirmed that it will feature 16 of the world's best tennis players - including Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Venus Williams and Carlos Moya.

There's also a create-a-player career mode in which "players must work their way up from an unranked amateur with no skills to a top-ranked player in the world with huge endorsement deals." And Enrique Iglesias videos.

Top Spin is slated for a summer release. Click here to read our review of the Xbox version, if you like.

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