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Zero 2 on the way

More snappy survival horror antics from Tecmo.

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A sequel to Tecmo’s survival horror classic Project Zero is in the works, entitled simply Zero 2, the company has announced. The game is scheduled for an Autumn release in Japan on PlayStation 2. PZ was of course known simply as Zero in its homeland, so expect it to become Fatal Frame 2 in the US and Project Zero 2 over here.

There is currently no news of its European release as yet, nor any proposed ports to other formats, but we’re fairly confident it will be released over here before the end of the year, probably through Wanadoo, which has published a number of Tecmo PS2 titles of late, including the original Project Zero, which we thought was one of the best examples of survival horror ever.

Information on the title is scant as yet, but it will apparently follow the Silent Hill premise of introducing new character and scenarios unrelated to the original.

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