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Rockstar's Manhunt website launches

Remember This is even wackier.

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Here's one we forgot earlier.

Rockstar has always had an interesting relationship with the internet, offering it far more time and attention than other publishers, and as just about anybody who's played Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City will be well aware, they enjoy their fictitious, satirical corporate websites and throwing URLs about in-game. They also have a thing about releasing details on their upcoming projects (most recently Vice City) through offbeat websites rather than press releases, which we certainly appreciate. It beats the hell out of learning that X announced today that they have signed a licensing agreement with X to develop interactive games inspired by X's first season of X. Or something.

And so it is with Manhunt, the game title connected with GTA developers Rockstar North, that our first glimpse is this curious enigma, which prompts you to go here, where you find Valiant Entertainment, a supposed hardcore fetish video company. What do you see? A brief movie clip that seems like poor-quality security camera footage.

Hopefully we'll get to see a bit of Manhunt at E3, but if the game is about tracking fugitives across a city using security footage and things like that, then we're excited. It's one of the few games at this year's show that we've been excitedly gossiping about in the office.

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