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F-Zero GX details sneak out

How many more good games does the Cube have to have before you'll buy one?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

F-Zero GX could well be one of the stars of E3 2003, and a few details on the gameplay modes have emerged from the latest Japanese games magazines to tempt us.

For a start, the futuristic racer to end them all now has a proper name, F-Zero GX (imaginative, eh?), and will sport five gameplay modes: Street, Practice, Grand Prix, Versus, and Time Attack.

Street Mode is a series of mission based races, and puts you in charge of Captain Falcon, Practice is fairly self explanatory, giving you the chance to hone your skills against 29 other racers, Grand Prix is expected to be a series of progressively more difficult cups, Versus is a split screen mode for up to four players, while Time Attack is the usual 'beat your best lap'/ghost racing affair.

We'll be playing this as much as we possibly can at E3, so look our for our full hands on impressions towards the end of the week.

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