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More Nintendo rumours quashed

Regarding the Rev remote.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following the emergence of yet more rumours regarding the Revolution's unique "freestyle" remote controller and what you'll be able to do with it, Nintendo has informed Eurogamer that it's all just more speculation.

The rumours surfaced after published excerpts from an article in National Geographic Kids magazine. NGK claimed you'll be able to play old games with the remote controller - using it as a sword, shield or fising pole in Legend of Zelda, for example, or to punch enemies in Super Smash Bros. The magazine also suggested that two controllers could be used as drumsticks or maracas in Donkey Konga.

But this is all just wishful thinking, according to Nintendo. "What the magazine has done is imagine how existing franchises would work with the Revolution controller, rather than actually seeing anything," a spokesperson told Eurogamer, adding: "It's all still speculation."

So there you have it - we've still got a while to wait before Nintendo officially reveals just what the freestyle remote can do. The possibility of playing old favourites in new ways is certainly an interesting one, though...

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