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Naughty Dog working on Jak III?

Could be unveiled at E3...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

According to Swedish publication Superplay (no relation, we're guessing to the best SNES mag ever), Naughty Dog is currently busy beavering away on a follow-up to highly rated action/platform game Jak II: Renegade, imaginatively dubbed with a working title of "Jak III".

During a visit to see Jak II: Renegade in action, Superplay writer Thomas Wiborgh reportedly saw early work on Jak III's environments including several desert areas, and learned that the game will debut at E3 in May 2004.

Although Jak II: Renegade didn't sell particularly well in Europe, where it suffered in light of EA's seasonal onslaught, it made a big enough impression in the US, and we wouldn't be too surprised if Naughty Dog had committed to a further sequel. We'd be thrilled, actually.

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