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Uwe Boll talks sequel plans

BloodRayne to turn cowgirl?

Prepare to sigh with relief: notorious movie director Uwe Boll has announced that he has no plans to do more films based on Far Cry, Alone in the Dark or House of the Dead, despite the fact that he owns the rights.

It's not all good news, though - Boll does like the sound of BloodRayne 2, according to SCI FI Wire.

"I have the right to a sequel for BloodRayne, and there are many possibilities," he told the website.

"I'd love to see her wash up on the shore 100 years later and end up in the Wild West, and then later go to World War II or something like that." Sounds marvellous.

Boll said he's having nothing to do with House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim, which he described as being "more expansive" than the idea he originally developed for the film.

"I want to see it , and if it's good, that's good for the first one, and they can package the DVDs together. I'm waiting for [director Michael Hurst] to send me a copy."

Boll said he has high hopes for movies based on games in general: "Last year we only had Resident Evil 2 come out as a videogame movie, and this year there are a lot of them, but these movies will only become more mainstream, have better plots and have better actors," he said.