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Midway confirms Spy Hunter 3

Called Nowhere To Run.

Midway's unveiled its latest Spy Hunter title, Nowhere To Run, and confirmed that like the film it will star actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Alex Decker.

The game's due out in the summer of 2006 on PS2 and Xbox, and The Rock's previously talked about how you'll be able to get out of the car in this one. Traditionally, it's all about the Interceptor, which can morph between car, boat and bike.

Said The Rock, "now, once the battles stop, the car stops. Now you've got to go find these people and you've got to go hunt them down. You've got to kill them."

In Nowhere To Run, it's up to Dwayne to stop NOSTRA stealing the latest government technology including his beloved Interceptor, although we don't know much more about it at this point.

Spy Hunter's also set to be the subject of a Universal Pictures film, which The Rock also appears in. It's being helmed by John Woo with a script worked on by Stuart Beattie. Fresh from his turn in another game-based film, DOOM, The Rock has high hopes. "It's such a special movie, conceptually, and it's so cool with the cool," he told Sci Fi Wire recently.

If we hear more on either, we'll let you know.