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From Russia With Love for PSP

Bond with people on the train.

EA continues its widespread backing of the PlayStation Portable with news that it'll release From Russia With Love on the Sony handheld in early 2006.

There are few details at this point, from which we'll surmise that it's a relatively straight port of the home-console game - a third-person shooter effort that spins the events of the classic Connery-led film into a modern action game.

EA's release suggests that Sean Connery's widely reported vocal contributions will be intact. EA's Redwood Shores development studio is handling the project.

The European console version is due out on PS2, Xbox and GameCube next Friday, November 18th. It's already started picking up reviews in the US, where it's been received as a pretty enjoyable outing for casual gamers.

No GoldenEye, then, but much better than, er, GoldenEye. The Rogue Agent vintage, that is. We'll bring you our thoughts on it within the next couple of weeks.