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Datel's 4GB PSP drive on sale

Includes uber-battery. £149.

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Datel's finally confirmed the existence of its 4GB hard disk add-on for the PlayStation Portable, which also includes one of its X2 rechargeable batteries, and announced that it's available now through its website priced £149.

The 4GB hard disk add-on plugs in to the PSP through an adapter for the Memory Stick port, bulking up that side of the unit, while the X2 battery, which Datel claims doubles the PSP's battery life, evens out the bulk on the other handle.

Datel says the 4GB drive can hold "four full-length movies", "over 1,000 songs", and "thousands" of digital photos. Which sounds plausible.

It also comes with PC software for converting and transferring video files to the PSP, which is handy if you can't be arsed to buy Sony's effort, or can't find your way to for free alternatives. Just as handy, the Datel package comes with a USB 2.0 cable for doing all the transference.

As we said, it goes for £149 and is available now through the website. Hopefully we'll be able to get hold of one and tell you what it's like.

And if you're keen to learn more about it before you throw down (damn kids), Datel's website has more details and a guide to installing it using silhouetted hands.

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