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Nintendo receives Wii CPUs

First batch is in.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has confirmed that it has begun receiving the internal CPUs, dubbed ‘Broadway’, for its Wii console.

Manufactured by IBM at its semiconductor development and manufacturing facility in New York, the Broadway chips are central to the architecture of Nintendo’s next-gen console.

“The first chips are in our possession,” confirmed Genyo Takeda, senior managing director for Nintendo’s Integrated Research and Development Division, in a statement from the platform holder.

“Today’s milestone marks the final stage of our drive to reach both core and non-traditional gamers with an inviting, inclusive and remarkable gaming experience,” he added.

Nintendo and IBM have a working relationship that dates back to 1999, but the manufacturer also develops microchips for both Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation consoles.

Nintendo recently confirmed that it is on track to ship an expected six million units of the Wii before the end of March 2007.

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