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Epic's CliffyB talks up Xbox 360

Final dev kit gets him excited.

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, currently hard at work on Gears of War, has joined the long list of developers getting publicly excited about Xbox 360, announcing in his weblog that the console is a "BEAST" and "capable of MUCH GREATNESS" after receiving his final development kit.

In a post called "The Waiting Game", Bleszinski - better known as CliffyB - began by thanking everybody for 20 years of patience with game graphics, before announcing, "I have seen the future - the next generation of consoles. I have had more than a taste of what true next generation gaming is going to have to offer and I'm here to tell you - You're in for something special.

"I can't speak much for Sony right now - yeah, we're working on stuff for the PS3 but honestly I'm so busy with Gears that it's all I'm seeing and I can tell you - Microsoft is giving you a hell of a system. This thing is a BEAST and is capable of MUCH GREATNESS," he concluded.

Xbox 360 is due to launch worldwide before the end of the year.