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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Rush Hour rushed through

Sim City 4 expansion goes gold.

We really need an industry standard for the usage of commas and hyphens in game names. On the one hand we've got things like Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, which sits around chuckling to itself as our little fingers dart in the direction of multiple bits of punctuation; not to mention the letter "q". And on the other hand, we have EA, which seems to have lost faith in punctuation entirely. Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour, for example, is a name clearly in need of a comma. And possible even a hyphen. We'd just like some continuity for once. Sim City 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack is just ridiculous.

Ridiculous or not though, it is the subject of our ramblings this morning for it has "gone gold". Rush Hour, since you're interested (well, since you're reading), adds a further layer of micro-management to the world of your sims, giving you direct control over vehicles ranging from cars and trucks at street level to helicopters, ferries and (in our heads) even camels! To facilitate the changes, you'll be able to deck out your city with wider roads, suspension bridges and even the odd one-way system. Give 'em something to curse, eh? You can even add historic railway stations and "classic Americana road marks" according to EA, although we'd prefer to use the new European building set.

If you missed out on Sim City 4 the first time around of course, you're probably looking for reasons to care... Well, obviously you should click on "reasons to care" in the previous sentence, because it links through to Martin's review of the game. He gave it a big score. Having gone gold, Sim City 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack is due out on September 26th.