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TGS: Biggest show ever

130 exhibitors sign up.

This year's Tokyo Game Show, which takes place from September 16th to 18th, is promising to be the largest yet - with over 130 companies already signed up to exhibit at the event, including 31 firms from outside Japan.

That's both the largest number of overall companies and the largest number of overseas exhibitors ever to sign up for the annual event at the Nippon Convention Centre, and the list may not yet be complete, with five weeks still to go before the show.

The full list of exhibitors has been made available in a PDF document on the expo website, which reveals that along with the usual line up of game publishers, there will be specific pavilions for South Korean and Taiwanese firms, as well as significant presence from mobile gaming companies and educational institutions specialising in game development related skills.

Keynote speakers for the event have already been announced, with Microsoft's Robbie Bach and Nintendo's Satoru Iwata both taking the stage on Friday morning - the industry only day of the show.

The show will also feature a focus on Electronic Arts' development strategies for the next generation, with EA's university research liaison John Buchanan and EA Los Angeles boss Neil Young both set to give talks on Friday afternoon, followed by an open Q&A with both of them.