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Full Throttle sequel canned


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Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels, the 3D update to Tim Schafer's classic adventure game, has been canned by developer LucasArts, it was announced last night. LucasArts president Simon Jeffery said the decision had been taken on the grounds of quality control.

"We do not want to disappoint the many fans of Full Throttle and hope everyone can understand how committed we are to delivering the best quality gaming experience that we possibly can," he said in a brief statement.

Speculation had been rife after Hell On Wheels' non-appearance at E3 in May that the title might be running into trouble, and when it also failed to show up (along with Simon Jeffery) at Activate last week, alarm bells did start ringing.

Also absent from Activate was Sam & Max: Freelance Police, although that did appear at E3. And very funny it was too.

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