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Joint Operations announced

Nothing to do with 'funny cigarettes', we're assured.

While NovaLogic is busy slipping other parts of its tactical action property, it has taken the opportunity to announce a new title to add to its healthy wallet of soldier sims. Joint Operations is a multiplayer-centric warfare game set in a collapsing Indonesia in the near future.

Judging from the details, the game seems to have taken more than a small gameplay cue from the likes of Battlefield 1942, with players able to fly helicopters, pilot boats and drive fast attack vehicles in and around dense jungle environments. The title will support up to 64 players split into two teams (Joint Operations Force or Indonesian separatists) via the NovaWorld service, and will utilise a tweaked Black Hawk Down engine to render the large landscapes and thick foliage of the forest.

Joint Operations is anticipated for release this Autumn, which would be nice. Here's some shots to whet your appetite, should be that way inclined.