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Three PSP trailers

Cars, football, more cars.

New trailers for some forthcoming PSP games are now available on Eurofiles. You’ll find one for Ridge Racer here, Pursuit Force here and World Tour Soccer here.

The Ridge Racer trailer offers another hint of what we can expect from the handheld version of Namco’s popular racer. We’ve already been promised 58 playable cars, wireless racing and loads of classic courses from previous instalments in the series, and now you can see for yourself just how smooth those 60 FPS graphics really are.

But if super-shiny racers don’t do it for you, how about vehicular combat effort Pursuit Force? As a cocky, streetwise young cop, probably with a name like McHale or Mahoney or something, it’s your job to take down the crims roaming the city streets by any means necessary. Which mostly means mowing them down with big cars, but you do get to fly a helicopter as well.

And finally we have Sony’s handheld football game, World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition, otherwise known as It’s Not TiF: Honest It’s Not. Choose from more than 200 club and international teams, each with the proper player names and everything, and try your hand at Challenge, Exhibition, Cup or World Tour mode.

Ridge Racer is slated to launch with the PSP on September 1, while Pursuit Force and World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition will follow by Christmas.