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LucasArts supports all platforms

Next-gen, handhelds, all good.

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US publisher Lucasarts is committed to supporting all of the new console and handheld platforms, according to company president Jim Ward, who has confirmed that the firm "will be on all platforms."

Speaking in an interview with US website Boomtown, Ward said that "we celebrate all new platforms, we will support all new platforms, and we will be on all platforms. When you watch a game, we will do it on all of them as best as we can."

His comments extend not only to home consoles, but also to handhelds - with Ward confirming that games for both Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo's DS are in the works.

"Battlefront 2, that's going to be on the PSP," he said. "We have a number of other titles in development that we haven't announced on PSP and DS. This is a fantastic market."

Ward's comments come as a number of other developers have chosen to pin their colours to the mast in the wake of Sony and Microsoft's console unveilings last month - with one-time Lucasarts collaborator Factor 5 only days ago announcing that it is to work exclusively on PS3.

"You can surely talk about all those pros and cons," Ward explained, "but to the degree that consumers buy a certain platform, we want to make sure that there is a LucasArts game for it."

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