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Donkey Kong Revolution

Instant repeater.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The net was abuzz (or perhaps a-blinking, since it's all routers and people with hay fever) earlier this week as reports, I dunno, beamed around that Nintendo had mentioned a new Donkey Kong game for Revolution in the latest edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Which is great. Except, as with quite a bit of the post-E3 news we've seen whirling around in the last two weeks, most of you already knew that. We're pretty sure Nintendo said it at E3. There'll also be Metroid, Mario, Smash Bros., Zelda and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle titles for Revolution. Did you know there's a PlayStation 3 now, too?

There are no further details on the Donkey Kong title at this point. But given how spiffing the unorthodox Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat turned out on the Cube and how dedicated Nintendo seems to be to its "All-Access Gaming" idea, we're expecting banana-based controllers.

Or, actually, perhaps something like this.

Sarcasm, eh? We sound like tits.

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