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Savage 'Samurai Wars' mod available free

No longer exclusive to the game's European bundle.

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Having originally released it as part of the bumper European edition of Savage: The Battle for Newerth, Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters has now made the official "Samurai Wars" mod for the game available for free to everybody else. Good news if you bought the game direct from developer S2 Games prior to its European release, or subsequently bought it online from DJs.

The mod, discussed in more detail (with screenshots) in a previous update, transplants players and strategies from the fictional world of Newerth to an equally fantastical vision of feudal Japan.

Version 0.97 of Samurai Wars is available now from Gamer's Hell, in 99.4MB client and 107.4MB dedicated Linux server flavours. If you're having difficulties, you should be able to find a certain amount of help on the mod's official European website.

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