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Alan Wake to be 360 exclusive?

Plus: Star Wars game for Wii!

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As E3 grows ever nearer, our old friend Internet Reports is working himself up into a right old frenzy over rumours that Alan Wake will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

The game, which is being developed by Max Payne creators Remedy Entertainment, was originally down for PC and unspecified next-gen consoles. But now rumour has it that Microsoft has picked up the publishing rights - so while it could still appear on Proper Computers, it's unlikely that a PS3 or Wii version will turn up.

There's still no confirmation of whether Alan Wake will go on show at this year's E3, however, and Microsoft would only remind us that they don't like commenting on rumour or speculation.

In other news, or more specifically THE BEST NEWS EVER, a new Star Wars game is rumoured to be in development for the Wii. This in itself is brilliant news obviously, but the point is that you'll be able to use the remote controller like AN ACTUAL LIGHTSABER. That's all we know so far, but isn't that enough?

More news soon. We're going for a lie down.

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