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FIFA 2004 shock

Unbelievably, EA to release another football game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Yes, we know you're probably picking yourselves up off the floor after reading this latest stunning revelation, but it's true. Electronic Arts is set to stun the gaming world with its 15th version of FIFA.

Seeing as the last version was actually the best FIFA by a long chalk, we thought you might like to know that EA is promising a more tactical experience this time around, and has hired "Internationally renowned" FIFA coach, Erich Rutemöller to "assist" with the development, giving advice on tactics and formations.

According to EA, FIFA 2004 "will deliver the most complete and authentic football experience ever," if we ignore the looming presence of Pro Evolution Soccer 3, of course.

One item of genuine interest is FIFA's new Career mode, which adds a player manager element, allowing you to drag a team from the lower divisions, right through to title winners.

The game is set for its first showing at E3 - we'll let you know how it's shaping up without Oliver Kahn's presence in due course...

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