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Ubisoft to publish Project Zero 2

Crimson Butterfly due in Q2 2004.

Ubisoft has signed a deal with Tecmo to publish PS2 survival horror title Project Zero 2 - Crimson Butterfly in Europe and Australia in Q2 2004.

Tecmo may be famed for their Dead or Alive series, but Project Zero is one of our favourite survival horror games of all time, having first captured the attention of Rob, who's obsessive enough about Japanese schoolgirls at the best of times, before Kristan sank his teeth into the Microsoft-published Xbox version and declared it "exceptionally engrossing", and demanded you all went out and scared yourselves shitless.

Mercifully the fact that very few of you actually did (hence the original's budget price wherever you can still find it) hasn't put Ubisoft off the PS2 sequel, which is actually technically a prequel with a new story and new characters according to the publisher.

Although we still have a way to go before we get our claws on it - despite the fact it's already out and critically acclaimed in Japan and the USA - this is still a very positive piece of news and demonstrates that Ubisoft's poor fortune at retail with fantastic original titles like Beyond Good & Evil hasn't dissuaded them from backing unusual and "risky" titles like this.