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Archer Maclean to send us to Pool Paradise

Um, but... on the beach?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Revered pool-coding smarty man Archer Maclean is set to return to the PC and make a debut on consoles (GBA excluded) with his new pool project, Pool Paradise, developed with the team at Awesome Studios. Sounding like a cross between Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and… well, pool, players travel to an island in the South Pacific to take part in an island pool tournament. Money earned in the tournament can then be spent on game aids and "bizarre items", or be used to unlock sub-games and secret island locations.

The game will feature twelve different rules sets, including the popular eight and nine ball variations, as well as 14:1, Bowlliards and Switchball. Whatever they mean. There's also a Stunt Hut featuring a range of ridiculously-shaped tables, from triangular to ice-hockey themed. Mini-games around the island include a cannon ball coconut shy, a Skee-pool ramp(?!) and for, the fat balding drunkard stereotype in you, darts. The island itself is fully animated with a proper day and night cycle. Cripes.

Well it's certainly an interesting take on the sport, we must say. We'll find out whether or not Archer can reprise his role of pool development mastery when the game is release on PS2, Cube and PC next March, with the Xbox version to follow in April.

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