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Unlock Prince of Persia in Sands of Time

Not just by pressing "Start" either!

According to a report at 1UP, Ubisoft has revealed that Prince of Persia fans who buy the game's next-generation console update The Sands of Time will be rewarded with unlockable versions of previous titles depending on their choice of platform.

If you buy the PS2 version, at some stage you can expect to get your hands on the entire original Prince of Persia game, while Xbox fans can look forward to unlocking Prince of Persia 2 and GameCube/GBA owners will get their hands on the original game and benefit from automatic health regeneration in the Cube title when the two consoles are hooked up together.

Furthermore, Ubisoft claims that a level from the original Prince of Persia will be unlockable in The Sands of Time - and has been completely remade using the game's sumptuously detailed new 3D engine.

According to Ubi's most recent release schedule, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is set to debut on PS2 on November 21st, followed by the PC version on December 5th. Interestingly, the GBA release will actually make it out first, on November 14th, but any Cube or Xbox fans hoping to take advantage will have to wait a bit longer, as The Sands of Time is a PS2 exclusive for 2003.