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Pro Evo 3 PC slips a week

Oh well. Demo soon.

The PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 3 has slipped a week to November 21st according to the latest information we've received from Konami this week. The PS2 version of the game, released on October 17th, is one of our top games of the year - you can read our review here.

However in vaguely good news, Konami has told us that the "leaked" demo doing the rounds (which lets you play as one of four teams in a five-minute, one-player game against the CPU - and repeat as often as you like without being dumped to the desktop or anything) is actually from a magazine coverdisk and is embargoed until the week leading up to the game's release.

With any luck then, those of you who haven't sneakily sourced it somehow in the meantime will be able to get your mitts on it from Monday week. Speak to you then...