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City of Villains pricing

Play it and Heroes for one fee.

NCsoft Europe has revealed its pricing plans for City of Villains, the forthcoming sequel to MMORPG City of Heroes which also happens to run pretty deeply into it, and the good news is that you'll be able to fight for the forces of both good and evil for one subscription fee - £8.99 / €12.99 per month.

Existing City of Heroes subscribers who buy City of Villains will get complete access to both games for their current fee. The idea is that you can own just one and play that for £8.99/month, but if you buy the other you'll be able to play that as well without adding to your monthly fee payout.

"By keeping the cost to £8.99 (€12.99) for subscribers to both games, we are encouraging players to use all of the functionality we built into the games. We created a heroes game and a villains game and we figured it is a lot more fun to have good guys and bad guys tangle without charging double for the opportunity to do so," said Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios' cape-wearing creative director.

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