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360 hard drive content unveiled

Music, games and videos.

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Microsoft bigwig J Allard has revealed details of the special content that'll come pre-installed on the Xbox 360's hard drive.

Speaking to Gameinformer, Allard said the content will include a custom soundtrack with "some pretty good tracks", and Gamertiles which you can use to customise your gamer tag.

You'll also get a load of wallpapers, and a video showing how Xbox 360s are put together. Allard didn't say whether that'll be the same video that's been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, or a completely new one.

Perhaps most excitingly, the hard drive will also feature Hexic, the addictive puzzler created by Alexy Pajitnov - yes, him who did Tetris.

Allard explained that the basic concept is to show off what the 360 can do, and to get people taking advantage of all the extra content on offer.

"Part of it is to get the gamers understanding the capabilities of the system and discovering more and encouraging them to discover," he told Gameinformer.

"Part of it also is giving them an extra bonus for either buying a hard drive and adding it to the core or buying the premium system." Yes, that's right, the content will be included on your hard drive whether you buy it separately or as part of the £279.99 bundle.

And don't forget, all that's in addition to Neon, the crazy "light synthesiser" from loveable old hippy Jeff Minter which was first announced back in May.

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