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Simpsons Hit & Run gold

You're a liar, honey. A dirty rotten liar!

After a successful tour with EA that brought us the only vaguely stomachable Simpsons Road Rage and the execrable Simpsons Skateboarding, we didn't have high hopes for our favourite cartoon at Vivendi. Placed in the hands of Radical Entertainment though, The Simpsons Hit & Run could become an unlikely "must-have" as its overzealous publisher puts it. If early reviews are anything to go by (and they sometimes are), then it's actually not that bad.

Due out on November 7th on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, Simpsons Hit & Run is the GTA clone that it sounds like it wants to be, with more than 50 driving and on-foot missions to play across Springfield as players slip into the shoes of Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, and even Apu. Fans can look forward to a combination of the show's eclectic humour (with a script penned by the show's writers, thank the lord) and familiar settings as they complete GTA-style goals, even searching for 49 hidden packages - sorry - collector cards containing episode-specific bonus material.

We'll bring you our verdict on The Simpsons Hit & Run closer to November 7th, assuming we haven't overdosed on squishies and joined the Junior Campers by then.