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Rainbow Six 3 gets updated headset

Xbox promotion includes Europe.

Ubisoft will be bundling a Thrustmaster Neckband Boom Mic headset with EG 'Muffie' winner Rainbow Six 3 on Xbox as part of a limited edition promotion which will also apply here in Europe.

The Neckband headset, apart from being compatible with Xbox Live, features inline mute and volume controls and a noise-cancelling microphone. As you'd imagine, the promotion is geared towards highlighting RS3's voice comms features.

Due out on November 14th, Rainbow Six 3 for Xbox will be an entirely new game built using similar technology to Raven Shield. RS3 will harness many of the Xbox's advantages with 5.1 surround sound, online play with voice comms and downloadable content additions amongst its arsenal.

Out of the box for broadband-deprived gamers without swanky hi-fi setups, RS3 still looks the part, with 14 new single-player missions rather than recycled Raven Shield offerings. Think of it this way - even if it turns out to be Raven Shield with new maps and Xbox Live support, it's still going to be one of the best games of the year.