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Max Payne 2 gold

And shipping early! With PS2/Xbox versions before Christmas!

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Gold is certainly the colour of the day today, as another "off for manufacturing" type press release filters down the wires. What's more, it feels safe to be excited by this one, because while some of our more desired PC sequels slip into the obscurity of the "holiday season", Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne has gone gold. And when's it out? October 15th in America and October 24th in Europe. That's just over a fortnight away. Bless you, Remedy.

Not content with that, publisher Rockstar ("There is no developer! Nya!") says that PS2 and Xbox versions of Max Payne 2 will be completed and on store shelves from December 3rd! Not bad given how long some of its other titles - Mafia, for example - have taken to make the transition.

With MP2's release date now revised and ever more pressing, we'll be bringing you our thoughts on The Fall of Max Payne (lets hope that doesn't turn out to be a stupid choice of subtitle, eh?) closer to the game's October 24th release date.

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