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Destroy All Humans vocals

By Giles out of Buffy.

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Giles out of Buffy, who sometimes goes by Anthony Head, will be the lead voice-over actor in Pandemic's Destroy All Humans! 2, which is nice for him.

THQ announced today that he'll be playing a chap called Ponsonby in the game, which is due out on PS2 and Xbox on October 20th.

Ponsonby's an MI5 chap who is introduced to head lead Crypto and POX against the KGB but, uh oh, he might not be who he appears to be! Gulp!

"When we were presented with the character Ponsonby, we needed a voice that created an extra dimension and enhanced his upper-class Englishness but hinted at a touch of deceit," said Richard Williams of THQ, talking up Mr Head.

"Anthony Head has a wealth of acting experience and was the obvious choice. He brought Ponsonby alive in a very unique way." Or just a unique way.

The full game has a bit more than Anthony Head in it of course. There's an upgraded arsenal of weapons and new mental abilities, with five new locations and multiplayer co-operative modes, as well as lots of new secret agents, creatures and the like to tackle.

You can read more about it, of course, in our E3 preview.

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