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Hook your PSP up to a TV

With weird-looking gadget.

Much as we love our shiny new PSP, we can't help feeling that something is missing - namely, a TV-out socket so you can watch UMDs, view photos and, hey, maybe even play games on the big screen.

Sadly, of course, Uncle Sony "forgot" to stick one in the machine. But happily, modding group Team Xtender is hard at work on the solution - a rather odd-looking add-on that clips onto the back of your PSP with no soldering required. And what's more, it's even got ports for plugging in dualshock controllers.

The gadget is only in the development stage at present - you can see some renders of the prototype on Maxconsole.net - but it's certainly a rather interesting project.

There's no word yet on when we might be able to buy the thing, but Team Xtender has promised more news soon - we'll keep you posted.