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MS, Nintendo sued over patents

Relating to videogame hardware.

Texas firm Anascape has filed suit against Microsoft and Nintendo, alleging that the two companies infringed on patents relating to videogame hardware and controller technology.

The suit names patents for a "Game controller with analog pressure sensor(s)" and a "Remote controller with analog button", plus a "3D controller with vibration", amongst others. The 12 patents were obtained by Californian Brad Armstrong between 1999 and 2005, though he began filing them in 1996.

Anascape claims that Microsoft and Nintendo's infringement of the patents was "willful and deliberate, entitling Anascape to enhanced damages." The company is seeking a jury trial to settle the dispute and, failing a permanent injunction, an ongoing compulsory licensing fee.

Sony has not been named in the suit, for reasons which have not been revealed - but perhaps relate to the company's ongoing legal battle with Immersion Corp over force feedback technology.

Microsoft and Nintendo have yet to offer comment on the lawsuit.